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‚ÄčAn award-winning science journalist pulls the alarm on the dysfunction
plaguing scientific research--with lethal consequences for us all

American taxpayers spend $30 billion annually funding biomedical research.
By some estimates, half of the results from these studies can't be
replicated elsewhere-the science is simply wrong. Often, research
institutes and academia emphasize publishing results over getting the right
answers, incentivizing poor experimental design, improper methods, and
sloppy statistics. Bad science doesn't just hold back medical progress, it
can sign the equivalent of a death sentence. How are those with breast
cancer helped when the cell on which 900 papers are based turns out not to
be a breast cancer cell at all? How effective could a new treatment for ALS
be when it failed to cure even the mice it was initially tested on? In
Rigor Mortis, award-winning science journalist Richard F. Harris reveals
these urgent issues with vivid anecdotes, personal stories, and interviews
with the nation's top biomedical researchers. We need to fix our
dysfunctional biomedical system-now.

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