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African Scientific Cooperation and Partnership Strengthened
Future African-wide scientific cooperation and partnership were strengthened when science organisations met with the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) on 2 August 2016 to introduce their activities and elaborate on their individual roles in shaping informed science advice for evidence-based policy making on the continent.
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Africa’s Climate Change Adaptation Examined
Representatives from African countries gathered in Mauritius to deliberate on measures to counteract Africa’s vulnerability to the impact of climate change, as well as the importance of scientific evidence to enable society to understand and respond to climate change threats.
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Africa shares its research
The recent Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) annual conference held from 22-26 August 2016 in Zimbabwe, is a clear indication of Africa’s progress in sharing its research with the rest of the world. ASSAf was represented at this conference by Ms Ina Smith.
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National Scholarly Editors’ Forum meeting
The 10th National Scholarly Editors’ Forum (NSEF) annual meeting, was held on 1 September 2016.
Back ltr: Shannon Hoctor, Pierre de Villiers, Keyan Tomaselli, Voster Muchenje, Herbert Maserumule, Andries van Aarde, Dan Parker Front ltr: John Butler-Adam, Charles Ngwena, Ingrid Nye, Michelle Hamer, Ina du Toit
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Gender Lens for Science Education
The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), in collaboration with the Zambia Academy of Sciences (ZaAS), the Ethiopian Academy of Science (EAS), the Academy of Sciences of Mozambique and the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC) hosted a planning workshop themed Applying a Gender Lens in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Education on 21 July 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia.
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Report Articulates Science Advice to Aid Sustainable Growth
The role of science to inform and guide sustainable development globally is articulated in a report released recently by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). This report reflects the proceedings of an international InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) Conference on Science Advice held earlier this year in Hermanus, South Africa.
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OPCW-TWAS Policy and Diplomacy for Scientists’ Initiative
Responsible research practices will be discussed as part as an initiative to raise awareness of disarmament and non-proliferation issues of chemical weapons.
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Support for Zimbabwean Science Investigated
Scientists in the Zimbabwean diaspora, with the state of science in that country at heart, met with South African and Zimbabwean national academies earlier this month to explore avenues of intervention and support for the Zimbabwean science community.
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ASSAf hosts Mathematical Sciences Workshop
ASSAf’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Standing Committee held a Mathematical Sciences Workshop on 15 and 16 September 2016 in Cape Town.
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Chinese-South Africa Business Cooperation Sought
A conference aimed at cooperation between South Africa and the Chinese province of Hubei took place in July 2016.
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Public Lecture: Professor Pauline Gagnon
ASSAf partnered with the SA Institute of Physics (SAIP) to co-host a public lecture by Professor Pauline Gagnon during her recent visit to South Africa as the Plenary Lecturer for SAIP’s 2016 Annual Conference and a guest of the Women in Physics in SA (WiPiSA) SAIP Forum.
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TWAS-ROSSA Young Scientists’ Conference 2016
The 2016 Regional Young Scientists’ Conference was held in Nigeria from 23-24 August 2016. The World Academy of Sciences Regional Office in sub-Saharan Africa (TWAS-ROSSA) partnered with the Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) and the Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) to host the 2016 Regional Young Scientists’ Conference (RYSC).
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ASSAf Studies in Process
ASSAf is currently engaged in a number of studies, some of which have been contracted by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and others that have been initiated by ASSAf’s Standing Committees.
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Apply for DOAJ
Requirements for inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) were recently discussed at a webinar presented by ASSAf.
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Multimorbidity under the Spotlight
The burden of multimorbidity will be scrutinised at an ASSAf workshop in November 2016. Throughout the world, populations are ageing, and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) rise and infectious diseases (IDs) continue to affect millions of people every year.
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ASSAf Members in the News
The diversity of its Membership, embracing the full disciplinary spectrum, enables ASSAf to focus on issues of a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral nature and to bring the strengths of a fully inclusive approach to bear on the issues of national and international concern. These Members achieve is their individual fields.
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Online Open Access Journals Becoming the Norm
“Scholars need the means to launch a new generation of journals committed to open access, and to help existing journals that elect to make the transition to open access…”
Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002
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ASSAf and Thomson Reuters co-host South African Publishing Event
Improving quality and visibility and reducing reviewer fatigue and turnaround times are common objectives among scholarly journal editors and publishers globally.
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Directory of Open Access Journals
ASSAf participated in a training workshop hosted by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), from 20-24 June 2016, Crete, Greece.
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South African Journal of Science Promotes Open Data
Authors of journal articles for the South African Journal of Science (SAJS) will in future be able to publish a link to the open data supporting their published articles.
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SAJS articles break records
The South African Journal of Science published two cutting-edge articles in the July/August 2016 issue of the journal. The articles have made international headlines in National Geographic, The New York Times, BBC and The Telegraph with record-breaking views and download counts.
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SciELO SA: Software Upgrade and Training
During the week of 19 to 23 September 2016, staff members from the SciELO Network – Solange Santos and Fabio Batalha dos Santos - visited ASSAf to oversee the loading and implementation of the upgraded version of the SciELO programs and the training of the SciELO SA team in the methodology of the new version.


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