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Wed Sep 28 16:28:08 SAST 2016

Chroniclers of the open-access movement such as Peter Suber have noted that
the open, online dissemination of scholarly and research material is
reliant upon digital reproduction. Indeed, prior to our present age, notes
Suber, all forms of non-rivalrous objects, such as knowledge, were tied to
rivalrous modes of communication, such as paper.

 Yet, is the digital age so different from the “Age of Mechanical
Reproduction” noted by Walter Benjamin early in the twentieth century? *Why
should new technological mutations drive the ways in which humanities
scholars disseminate their work? And is there a danger, we might ask, in
letting technological fetishism act as determiners of humanities
scholarship?* In this talk, Professor Martin Paul Eve will address these
matters, which are formative elements of the terrain on which scholarship
in the twenty-first century will emerge.

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