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<Apologies for cross posting>

I have just returned from a two day workshop looking at the 'Scholarly
Commons'. Never heard of it? You might want to read on...

"Taking a Principled stance - the Scholarly Commons"
https://unlockingresearch.blog.lib.cam.ac.uk/?p=919 is a blog about the
FORCE11 event, now published in *Unlocking Research*.

It only rains about 10 days a year in San Diego. And Tuesday was one of
them. In a rooftop room on campus in San Diego at UCSD, a group had
gathered for the FORCE11 Scholarly Commons workshop
workshop brought together members of the Scholarly Commons working group
<https://www.force11.org/group/scholarly-commons-working-group>, who hail
from around the world and come from the broad scholarly commons. The
Scholarly Commons is an idea to help define the future of research
communication. *The goal is to promote the best research and scholarship
possible through rapid **and wide dissemination to all who need or want it.*

We were meeting to discuss the draft of 18 Principles of the Commons
an attempt to define what the community considers the attributes and
behaviours of a person who is fully participating in research. *The
Principles are broadly separated into four major themes of being Open,
Equitable, Sustainable and Research & Culture Driven*.

Read it and join in if you are interested...


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