[IRTalk] Open Access Week 24-30 October 2016

Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
Mon Oct 24 11:30:02 SAST 2016

Dear Colleagues

This week support for Open Access to high quality research is internationally supported under the theme "Open in Action". Read more about this at http://www.openaccessweek.org/. ASSAf supports high quality Open Access through various initiatives:

·         Open access to high quality SA scholarly journals through SciELO SA<http://www.scielo.org.za/>

·         Open Access journal publishing using Open Journal Systems<http://journals.assaf.org.za/>

·         Publishing peer review reports<http://www.assaf.org.za/index.php/programmes/scholarly-publishing-programme/peer-review-panels> on journal and book evaluations

·         Promote transparency and openness through the NSEF and NSBPF

·         Sharing knowledge on publishing via the ASSAf Scholarly Publishing Wiki<http://academyofsciencesa.wikispaces.com/> and Blog<http://journals.assaf.org.za/blog/>

·         Making reports published available as Open Access via the ASSAf web page<http://www.assaf.org.za/index.php/publications>, and more recently, the ASSAf Research Repository<http://research.assaf.org.za/>. A highlight this past couple of weeks was making the report on fracking<http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11911/14> available via the ASSAf Research Repository (234 full text downloads up to date, from all over the world)

·         Managing the African Open Science Platform project

·         Managing DATAD (Directory of African Theses & Dissertations, in collaboration with the Association of African Universities)

·         Participating in Open Science initiatives, policy formulation

·         Ambassador for the Directory of Open Access Journals

·         Conducting training on Open Access best practice and software available

·         And many more

Please support the many Open Access initiatives at your various institutions, and consider signing the Berlin Declaration on Open Access<http://www.berlin9.org/about/declaration/> to demonstrate your support. Wishing all an active Open Access week, and looking forward to join some of the events on campuses in SA!

Kind regards

Ina Smith
SciELO Planning Manager
Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)

[cid:image001.gif at 01D22DE7.358D3E70]<http://orcid.org/>  http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9710-3668

Switchboard: +27 12 349 6600
Tel: +27 12 349 6641
Fax: +27 (0) 86 576 9512
Email: ina at assaf.org.za<mailto:ina at assaf.org.za>

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1st Floor Block A, The Woods, 41 De Havilland Crescent, Persequor Park
Meiring Naudé Road, Lynnwood 0020, Pretoria, South Africa.

PO Box 72135, Lynnwood Ridge 0040, Pretoria, South Africa.

Website: www.assaf.org.za<http://www.assaf.org.za/>

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