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Subject: Re: Time to crowdfund? ORCiD/DSpace 5.5 integration
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Thanks for sharing.

On Tue, 11 Oct 2016 1:56 pm Buys, Matthew, <m.buys at orcid.org> wrote:

Afternoon All,

I thought I would also share the fantastic integration that NWU have done -
see attached.


*Matthew Buys*
Regional Director: Middle East, Africa & Canada
m.buys at orcid.org
+27 83 588 3160
Skype: mjbuys

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:19 PM, Hilton Gibson <hilton.gibson at gmail.com>

Hi Leti,

In addition there is: https://www.givengain.com



On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 at 13:23 Hilton Gibson <hilton.gibson at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Leti,

Try the DSpace mailing lists as well. Perhaps there is a funder who listens
on the list?



On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 at 13:16 Leti Kleyn <Leti.Kleyn at up.ac.za> wrote:

Dear IRTalkers,

as you might well know by know, DSpace 5.5 and ORCiD does not seem to be a
perfect match. Due to the (now new) authority control function on the
author fields, ORCiD entries are listed as "new" entries creating
duplicates on the system.

Knowledgearc proposed a solution that will cost the community $2250.

Follow the discussion and please give me some advise. Time to put together
some funds and have this development done?


On 16 Sep 2016, at 4:03 PM, "Hayden Young" <hayden at knowledgearc.com> wrote:

Hi Leti

Michael and I have discussed this project and I have also discussed it with
one of our Java developers and we think there is a solution to this
multi-author problem.

The best approach will be to patch the DSpace 5.5 code and then your
sysadmin can deploy the changes to your DSpace instance.

We estimate 3 days or $2250 to achieve this and can begin on this next week.



*Dr Leti Kleyn*
Manager: Open Scholarship & Digitisation Programmes
Department of Library Services
Merensky Library Room 2.24.2
University of Pretoria
8 leti.kleyn at up.ac.za ) 012 420 3876


>>> Michael Guthrie <michael at knowledgearc.com> 2016/09/16 12:12 PM >>>

Hi Hilton, All

And at the same time maintaining a close parallel to the main project,
until such time as the main DSpace project comes up with a fix or solution.

Then we can port the fix to the new 'official' solution when that does
finally come around, but as we all know, DSpace roadmaps tend to be delayed
indefinitely. If this is an issue for other folks, then I am sure they will
welcome the patch. It would not be our intention to stray very far at all
from the DSpace main project, and be able to merge back as soon as the
commiter group either ratifies the solution, or come up with a new fix.

Waiting on the Angular UI could literally take years. Considering there has
been no activity on the project for over 3 months.

What do you think?



On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:34 AM, Hayden Young <hayden at knowledgearc.com>

Hi Hilton

Have you worked with other repos that require this fix? If we can get it
onto enough systems it is possible it would force DSpace to commit it to
the upstream git. Alternatively we just host a public git of the patched
code that people can use in their own projects.



On 16/09/16 15:52, Gibson, Hilton <hgibson at sun.ac.za> wrote:

Hi Hayden,

What you are proposing is feasible in theory, however will the community
support your contribution.

Community support is the only thing that ensures the long term
sustainability of an open source project.

So if you can get community support for it, then got for it.


Hilton Gibson
Stellenbosch University Library
*From:* Hayden Young <hayden at knowledgearc.com>
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*To:* Gibson, Hilton <hgibson at sun.ac.za>; Leti Kleyn; Michael Guthrie
*Cc:* Hilda Kriel; Wandi Tobosi
*Subject:* Re: [IRTalk] Cloud hosting of open access services, using open
source software

Hi Hilton

Thanks for the feedback.

I was thinking that even though the ORCID feature isn't implemented
properly it may be possible to apply a fix to at least get ORCID working
correctly in DSpace (I.e. work out the problem with the duplicate authors
and get it displaying the correct information even if a bit of a hack is

Therefore, I wanted to ask you whether it would be worth forking the DSpace
github and applying the changes to the 5.x branch? We could then
potentially push the changes back to the DSpace primary git and see if they
will release it via a 5.6 patch. The aim would be to make the ORCID fix
available to all 5.x repos.



On 15/09/16 19:29, Gibson, Hilton <hgibson at sun.ac.za> wrote:

Hi All,

As mentioned the ORCID feature was badly implemented on DSpace 5.5.


There has been talk of using the CRIS from CINCEA as the ORCID plugin

However all of this hinges on the successful deployment of the new web user

See: https://github.com/DSpace-Labs/angular2-ui-prototype

Once this is stable then it should be easy to add new functionality to



Hilton Gibson
Stellenbosch University Library

*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library

*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library

*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library
*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library
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