[IRTalk] The ‘pay-to-publish’ model should be abolished | Notes and Records

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 14:39:57 SAST 2016

First, the pay-to-publish model makes the playing field even more uneven
for scholars; those from less well-endowed institutions and poor countries
will suffer even more because the quantum of grants required to do research
and publish it is now greater than it was before.

​Second, and perhaps even more serious, the ‘pay-to-publish’ model is
inherently unstable. In the language of evolutionary biology, it is
‘susceptible to cheating’. Nothing prevents unscrupulous publishers from
publishing trash as long as the authors pay for it. This is not a fanciful
prophecy—it is a growing reality having already attained frightening
proportions, enough to warrant the recognition of a new genre of ‘predatory

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