[IRTalk] After SSRN: Hallmarks of trust for subject repositories

Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
Wed May 25 10:24:12 SAST 2016

Dear Colleagues

We have a huge responsibility towards building trusted repositories. Attached a presentation on trusted IRs presented earlier this year at UP. Please demonstrate that your IR is trusted, through supporting it with a web page containing info about ownership, standards applied, etc. Not only must we protect our final research output from publishers making profit from all, but also accompanying data sets.

"The SSRN example shows that repositories and other services which build upon the contributions of their communities of users must earn the trust of their users - not through empty promises but in clearly designed policies to protect openness, transparency and stakeholder participation. The users of such services, as well as those who recommend them, should demand these hallmarks of trust. Where they are absent, such services are to be avoided."


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