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Great way to announce a new repository and great brand name "corpus" that
is incorporated in the official URL (hostname).

*Hilton Gibson*
Stellenbosch University Library

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From: Pierre Lasou <pierre.lasou at bibl.ulaval.ca>
Date: 10 May 2016 at 18:32
Subject: [dspace-community] Université Laval new institutionnal repository
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We are glad to announce that Université Laval has now its new Institutional
Repository, officially launched on April28th,  2016. It is called CorpusUL
and uses DSpace.

CorpusUL URL : https://corpus.ulaval.ca/

Only peer review articles can be submitted for the moment. We have 280
articles so far, all submitted by researchers over the last 2 month. The
library does not submit on behalf of researchers but takes charges of
publishers policy and metadata (author authority control, link to version
of record).

Following are some of the main developments and implementation choices that
were made :

   1. Create collection based on document type, not University structure
   (Faculty, Research centers, etc.). Give visibility to document access
   status in public pages (3 status: open access, temporary restricted access,
   permanent restriction).
   2. For permanent restriction, document reason for submitters
   3. Clearly identify Université Laval authors using our Library authority
   control file.
   4. Create a specific Author page to list publications and group them by
   5. Implement OAI-PMH with Dublin Core, MODS and METS. The METS format is
   incorporating the NISO Licence and indicators elements (
   6. Create a web service based on DSpace API to help Faculty to build
   auhor’s list of publication (Swagger Documentation :
   https://corpus.ulaval.ca/corpus-api-docs/ )


If you have questions or commentary, do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you very much.


Pierre Lasou

Scholarly Communication Librarian

Université Laval

Québec, Canada

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