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Subject: Questionnaire for repository managers - from the International
African Institute
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Cc: Stephanie Kitchen <sk111 at soas.ac.uk>

Dear Repository Manager,

Greetings from the International African Institute (IAI), London. As a
learned society working with the Centre of African Studies (CAS), both
housed within the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), we are
compiling some resources on repositories from Africa. See

This is the first stage of a project to learn about and promote such
repositories as part of our services to Africa’s research communities.

To learn more about the current situation of repositories in the African
continent and across the area of African studies, we are distributing a
short questionnaire as follows below.

We would welcome your responses to these questions, and any additional
points you may raise. If you would be willing to respond to a longer
questionnaire, please fill in our on-line questionnaire here:
https://eSurv.org?u=MappingRepositoriesInAfrica. If you prefer to receive a
off-line version of the longer questionnaire please reply and we will send
this to you.

We are contacting a number of repositories and will prepare a report of our
findings around May time. We will be happy to share these with you.

We would be very thankful if you could submit your responses by the 3rd of

*Please be assured that we will handle any confidential data sensitively,
and if necessary can anonymise or aggregate this in general terms. We can
discuss any concerns individually.*

If by any chance you are not the administrator of the digital repository,
could you please forward this email to the appropriate contact or let us

Thanks in advance for your time and best wishes,

Stephanie Kitchen, Managing Editor, IAI, sk111 at soas.ac.uk

Anna De Mutiis, Executive Officer, CAS, am131 at soas.ac.uk

Questionnaire - Short version

   1. How many items does your repository hold?

   2. Does your institution or repository have an Open Access policy or
   require the deposit of its members’ publications or theses?

   3. Does you repository offer an OAI-PMH interface as an international
   standard (a pre-requisite for it to be included in aggregators). Is the
   repository registered with ROAR http://roar.eprints.org/, OpenDOAR or
   harvested by Connecting Africa (

   4. What are the main difficulties you face?

   5. How do you judge the support of academic staff and/or your
   institution for the repository?

Anna De Mutiis
Executive Officer
Centre of African Studies
SOAS - University of London
Tel: +44 (0) 207 898 4370
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