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​​Last year (April 2015) the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly
Communication issued a request for proposals to write "a comprehensive
literature review on methods for converting subscription-based scholarly
journals to open access."

In June 2015 we awarded the contract to David Solomon, Bo-Christer Björk,
and Mikael Laakso.

We're happy to announce today that the preliminary version of their report
is now open for public comments.

Please read it and add comments, and please spread the word to help us
gather as many useful comments as possible.

>From our original RFP: "The purpose of the public comments is to supplement
the literature review, make it more complete, more detailed, and more
useful. For example, the public comments might add readings omitted from
the literature review, extract new recommendations from readings already
covered, suggest new clarity or detail for recommendations already
formulated, and add notes to help readers consider the merits of the

The version we release today will not be the final version. After the
public-comment period (toward the end of April 2016), we'll create a new
version incorporating selected public comments, and pass it to a panel of
experts for an additional set of comments. Then Dave, Bo-Christer, and
Mikael will make their final revisions in light of the public comments, the
panelist comments, our comments from within the Office for Scholarly
Communication, and their own second thoughts. We'll add a preface and
publish that version in the summer or early fall.

We don't promise to incorporate all the public comments in the final
version, not even all attributed comments. But we'll favor comments that
carry real-name attribution. The panelist comments will all carry real-name

(If you post a comment on the document, you'll be granting us permission to
include it in this and future versions under a CC-BY version 4.0
international license.)

We thank Arcadia for the funds we used to commission this research.

We thank Eddie Tejeda, Christian Wach, and the Institute for the Future of
the Book for CommentPress, the open-source WordPress plugin we're using to
post the current draft for public comments. We also thank Kathleen
Fitzpatrick for the CommentPress theme we adapted for the present use.

Finally, we thank David Solomon, Bo-Christer Björk, and Mikael Laakso for
their careful research and their willingness to subject it to public
comment before final publication.

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Peter Suber

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