[IRTalk] The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Has Launched and Is Accepting Content

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 19:01:06 SAST 2016

*Four years ago a group of CIOs, library deans, and industry leaders came
together to discuss the risk to future scholars if the digital output from
academia is not properly preserved.* As they examined the issue they became
alarmed that in spite of best efforts to date, the risk was very high if
nothing was done to protect against natural disasters, technological
failure, or institutional failure. In recent times institutions have
created backup systems that help to prevent total loss of data, but in most
cases, that content is still stored in geographic proximity to the original
copy, still leaving institutions vulnerable to natural disaster, political
uncertainty, and business performance issues.

This problem was put before a group of university presidents, CIOs and
library deans and they decided that society needs a system dedicated to
collaboratively preserving the digital record.

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