[IRTalk] Extending the Principles and Promise of Scholarly Communication Reform: A Chronicle and Future Glimpse, ASU NC DOCKS (North Carolina Digital Online Collection of Knowledge and Scholarship)

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Mon Mar 14 10:16:04 SAST 2016

Interest in the functionality and components of scholarly communications
has increased dramatically since the last decades of the 20th century. Many
articles, books, reports, and
​ ​
declarations have appeared, some of which call for change and describe new
functions and norms. Often, these documents espouse principles to guide and
promote change. They may take the form of explicit statements,
declarations, resolutions, directives, and policies. This chapter reviews
representative and influential documents and describes the principles and
goals on which change has been based. The review finds that the visions and
principles for change have evolved, and in many cases have grown more
ambitious and expansive.

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