[IRTalk] Digital Collections: The effect of scholarly communication practices on engagement with open access: An Australian study of three disciplines

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 09:56:13 SAST 2016

This dissertation addresses a specific aspect of the broad area of
communication systems used among researchers. This research has undertaken
to establish a broader view of the communication practices of scholars to
understand the motivations behind their publication choices. Open access
offers a solution to issues with the scholarly publication system such as
delays in publication and restricted visibility of research due to high
subscription costs. The principle of open access is to enable maximum
access to findings from publicly funded research to maximise social returns
on public investments. Despite the apparent benefits of open access, the
uptake has been limited. ¶ This thesis research takes a holistic view of
the researcher as a communicator to uncover the reasons why researchers are
making the publishing decisions they are.


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