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Dear Hilton

Thank you so much for continuing to document the rankings so that it can be monitored. This helps quite a bit. Hopefully we can also do this for repositories all over Africa. It is of great help when trying to monitor own IR progress made, and to influence institutional strategy and policy. The visibility of research via the IR in the end contributes to the overall visibility of an individual university.

Congratulations to Stellenbosch University – 85 is the highest rank an African repository achieved this far. This is out of a total number of 2 271 internationally. The number of African repositories have grown quite a bit, and more and more they appear among the SA repositories, which is great. Slowly but surely Africa’s lost science is shared with the world, and is starting to have an impact, for others to benefit.

Kind regards

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​Hi All,

The July 2016 Webometrics ratings have been released.
See: http://repositories.webometrics.info/en/Ranking_africa

Well done to those who achieved or improved their ranking!​



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