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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 17:22:43 SAST 2016

Learning is the common thread for both MOOC takers and MOOC makers with
such comments as “Making MOOCs has already taught me new ways to think”; “I
have benefited from the project through the intellectual interrogation this
project has stimulated in our Centre” and “I think the MOOC space is so
different from our regular face to face spaces that it forces to really
think about why we do what we do...making MOOCs encourages us to question
the things we take absolutely for granted - like when has learning
happened, whose feedback really counts, or when should a student stop being
in a class?”

With one and a half years and six MOOCs on the cards it is clear that MOOCs
will continue to be an incredibly enriching experience for CILT and for UCT
as well as for MOOC participants from all over the world

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