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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 13:16:30 SAST 2016

The goal of the Sci-GaIA Winter School is to create the skills to integrate
scientific applications in the Africa Grid Science Gateway and/or in other
domain-specific Science Gateways.
This will allow the creation of an intercontinental pool of experts that
can act as “interface” between the end-users of the Communities of Practice
(CoPs) supported by the project and the e-Infrastructure services.
The school will be entirely web-based and it will include a combination of
pre-recorded lectures and interactive sessions per week where to check the
progress of students through their short presentations and the correction
of the exercises. Both the inaugural lecture and the final day’s
presentations will also be held as interactive webinars.
The school will follow a project-driven education approach with teams of
students working on the development of scientific applications to be
integrated in the Science Gateway(s).
At the end of the school, a panel of experts will assess the progress made
by the various teams of students and the winner and the runner-up
application teams (max 2 persons per team) will win a free participation to
the Sci-GaIA Final Conference that will be held in Brussels in March/April

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