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Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
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Dear all

Research becomes more and more collaborative, open/transparent and online. Below some tools to integrate as part of your research workflow or journal publishing workflow.

Kind regards



1. Protocols.io
Discover & share science protocol knowledge. An open access platform for sharing and discovering up-to-date life science methods.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/protocolsio> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/6837acf16206c5f85ca798787c28c0b5>]

2. Publons
Keep a record of every peer review you do for the world's journals. Publons provides statistics about how peer review behaviour compares across individuals, disciplines, institutions and countries.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/publons> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/5d414eb0174289f57d2b15d870450405>]

3. matters
Single observation publishing.  At Matters, you do not have to wait to assemble all the data to tell a story.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/matters> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/e25db870dbefa0671c13042e86b4b6d8>]

4. Figshare
Repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/figshare> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/36ffc881d4f88b327cba2c758f756914>]

5. Wellcome Open Research
Immediate & Transparent Publishing. A journal that allows researchers to rapidly publish any results they think are worth sharing.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/wellcome-open-research> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/bd95059fe04daedfaf8b51479f720899>]

6. Science disrupt
Creating a change in science. A group that records podcasts, writes editorials and runs events aimed at improving science.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/science-disrupt> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/ec46ca5a3c700571c1a84cf8857782b0>]

7. sciNote
Open source electronic lab notebook, which helps you organize your scientific data and safely store it in one place.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/scinote> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/bef343ce3c0b80b432ce62209c701e46>]

Accelerate interpretation of your NGS data. A knowledgebase connecting targeted therapies to genomic variants.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/JAX-CKB> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/3fdca3e12c50580766a80f46ea53aee3>]

9. MedStartr
Crowdfunding platform for biomedical & healthcare research.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/MedStartr> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/8cd20f8d9aa4d9d5cfef6ecd574d048c>]

10. Repositive
Discover a better way of searching for genomic data. Enabling easy search and access to genomic data.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/Repositive> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/99a90b6c6fdab2f41291ba45bb5bbf61>]

11. Workspace
More than just a reference manager. Manage your research online and conveniently access it from any computer.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/Workspace> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/e812d07c3f9dc1728e971b8a461ee3fd>]

The co-working hub for researchers. Collaborative reading of articles & books while engaging in discussions direclty over the content.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/paperhive> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/9b1110bb93ebbf6f9726faa356f925d8>]

13. Biovista Vizit
Visual bibliographic search tool. Search tool based on PubMed that helps biomedical scientists with their research, discovery work and collaboration.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/biovista-vizit> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/24d6c579540c0ba1df9f3c8597df3164>]

Digital life sciences marketplace & comparison engine to find and buy the right biotech kits.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/ZAGENO> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/09523b6b3790ab4047f2cce302eed43f>]

15. Bioz
Search engine to get insights from scientific papers about methods, tools, and reagents.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/bioz> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/13f2a2f96cbad2375bf4c9700fb216a4>]

16. SCI.AI
Write semantic science. User friendly structuring of biomedical texts so that articles can be machine-readable and published in media format.

[More details<https://labworm.com/tool/sciai> | Visit site<https://labworm.com/tool/outbound/44b13f6841bba9993f4ed69afbc8e95c>]

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