[IRTalk] Navigating the Political Waters of Open Access Publishing in Libraries

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 14:33:44 SAST 2016

In recent years, many libraries have forayed into the world of open access
(OA) publishing. While it marks a major shift in the mission of libraries
to move from providing access to content to generating and creating content
ourselves, it still involves the same basic values regarding access to
information. The environment has changed, and libraries are adapting with
new approaches and new staff skills to promote these fundamental values.
The authors selected nineteen libraries and conducted phone interviews with
a specific list of questions, encouraging discussion about how each library
approached being a publisher. This chapter examines the politics and issues
involved, and makes recommendations for defining our roles in this new
territory. The authors highlight the approaches various libraries have
taken—and the challenges faced—in selecting a platform, writing a business
plan, planning for preservation, educating researchers about OA publishing,
working with a university press, marketing, and navigating staff training
issues. The chapter concludes with recommendations for areas of focus and
future research.

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