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*Just One Week Away! Register now to be a part of this NISO Virtual

*Data Curation: Cultivating Past Research Data for Future Consumption*

*Wednesday, August 31, 201611:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., EDT*

This NISO virtual conference will explore the many aspects of data
curation. The morning segment will provide attendees with an explanation of
the services libraries are expected to offer, a discussion of the data
lifecycle, ideas for fostering partnerships and collaboration, and
information on the ever-present legal and ethical concerns of handling
data. The afternoon program presents five case studies drawn from the hard
sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences. Speakers will describe
first-hand experiences in managing the unique challenges involved in
curating data. Closing up the conference will be a wrap-up discussion
surfacing those facets of data curation not covered previously.

Take advantage of the chance to learn from these practitioners:

*Research Data and Services in Academic Libraries: US and Europe*

*Suzie Allard*, University of Tennessee–Knoxville;

*The Data Lifecycle: Curating Partners to Curate Data*

*Jennifer Lee*, University of Texas–Austin

*How to curate research data: An 8-step guide with incentives to

*Lisa Johnston*, University of Minnesota–Twin Cities

*Ethics and Legal Requirements for Data Curation*

*Melissa Levine*, University of Michigan

*Case Study I:* *Level Up!: Building data services at the J. Willard
Marriott Library*

*Rebekah Cummings*, University of Utah

*Case Study II:* *The Metadata is the Message: Assessing, Curating and
Publishing Data for the Humanities*

*Ashley Clark*, Northeastern University

*Case Study III:* *NYU Data Catalog*

*Ian Lamb* and *Nicole Contaxis*, New York University Health Sciences

*Case Study IV: Data Curation for Quantitative Social Science Research: A
Case Study*

*Libbie Stephenson*, UCLA

*Case Study V: A Multi-Decade Case: The Evolution of Data Products and
Designated Audiences*

*Karen S. Baker*, University of Illinois

For more details on this event, including registration information, please
visit the NISO event page
Your registration for this NISO virtual conference entitles you to
participate (at no additional cost) in the follow-up Training Thursday
webinar <http://www.niso.org/news/events/2016/training_thursday/sept8_tt/>,
scheduled for September 8, 2016. The featured instructors for that
90-minute session are Kristin Briney, Data Services Librarian, University
of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and author of *Data Management for Researchers* (Pelagic
Publishing, 2015); Jenny Muilenburg, Data Management Librarian, University
of Washington Libraries; and Plato Smith, Data Management Librarian,
University of Florida.

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3600 Clipper Mill Road
Suite 302
Baltimore, MD 21211-1948
Phone: (301) 654-2512
Email: nisohq at niso.org

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