[IRTalk] AAP Throws Hissy Fit, Can't Tell the Difference Between Studying a Pirate Site and Supporting It | The Digital Reader

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 10:16:39 SAST 2016

"I believe the letter was an attempt at intimidation; my deans certainly
interpreted it as such," Gardner told IHE. "The pretext that the purpose of
the letter was to educate us about the severity of intellectual property
violations is laughable. Every librarian in the country knows that they
shouldn’t advocate piracy, to do so is a clear violation of the American
Library Association’s Code of Ethics."

What's basically going on here is that the AAP is trying to bully an
academic researcher into stopping his research. Leaving aside the first
amendment issues, the simple fact is the AAP is defending an indefensible

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