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Hope you don’t mind but it struck me that this community would be interested in the paper we have just published in INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY  called “Southern Knowledge Online?
Climate change research discoverability and communication practices “ ms available at https://www.academia.edu/24328776/Southern_Knowledge_Online_Climate_Change_Research_Discoverability_and_Communication_Practices

Best wishes

A/Prof Laura Czerniewicz
Director: Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT)
Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED)
lauraczerniewicz.uct.ac.za / cilt.uct.ac.za
+27216505036 / @czernie

The networked age promises global digital cultures with flattened power relations, given the affordances of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to collapse distance, enable easier cross-country collaborations and create new opportunities for knowledge production and sharing. In the academic domains, indications are that knowledge patterns continue to reflect physically-based geopolitical realities – where knowledge from the South is still peripheral while knowledge from the North still dominates in terms of all the conventional metrics. This study explores the potential role of digital affordances to challenge structural Northern bias and generates questions about knowledge production and dissemination in the climate change knowledge domain. It is framed by the field of scholarly communication within an African setting and by the emergent field of climate change which is fraught with debates and contestations, particularly regarding mitigation and adaptation. It draws on Southern theory which interrogates the global dynamics of knowledge production and dissemination;   It explores the intersection of the discoverability and visibility of local climate change research methodologically from the outside in, through an experiment of searches for “climate change / South Africa” and from the inside-out by reviewing the online presence of one climate change group in a top ranked African university.

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Hilton Gibson
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Subject: [open-science] IMPENDING DEADLINES 18 APRIL: Research Data Science Training Opportunities
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Dear colleagues,

Deadlines are approaching for two related but separate training opportunities in research data science convened by CODATA.  For both events funding is available, prioritised for participants from less economically developed countries.  We are particularly keen to attract:
- female researchers with an interest in developing their data skills;
- participants who are interested in convening similar training activities in their own institution.

Please circulate the information below widely in your networks!

CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, 1-12 August 2016

Deadline 18 April: http://indico.ictp.it/event/7658/

Contemporary research – particularly when addressing the most significant, transdisciplinary research challenges – cannot be done effectively without a range of skills relating to data. This includes the principles and practice of Open Science and research data management and curation, the use of a range of data platforms and infrastructures, large scale analysis, statistics, visualisation and modelling techniques, software development and annotation and more. We define ‘Research Data Science’ as the ensemble of these skills.

More information on the activity to establish a series of such schools for Research Data Science: http://www.codata.org/working-groups/research-data-science-summer-schools

CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, Beijing, 4-17 July

Deadline 18 April: http://www.codata.org/news/105/62/CODATA-International-Training-Workshop-in-Big-Data-for-Science-Beijing-4-17-July

In today’s data-rich world, streams of digital data are being generated from science facilities and myriad sensors (telescopes, video cameras, traffic monitors, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and biological and chemical sensors monitoring the environment etc).  Combined with the increasing ability for large-scale storage, communication and analysis, the Data Revolution presents major opportunities for science.  The Science International Accord on ‘Open Data in a Big Data World’ highlights the most important issues to be addressed if these benefits are to be realized.  These include the Open Data imperative, the need to maintain the scientific self-correction and the ethical constraints which must be respected.  Equally important is the need for open global participation in the benefits of the Data Revolution.  Systemic capacity building and targeted training in Big Data and data science are essential if this is to be achieved in countries with emerging or developing economies.

More information on the workshop, associated activities and the application procedure: http://www.codata.org/news/105/62/CODATA-International-Training-Workshop-in-Big-Data-for-Science-Beijing-4-17-July

With very best wishes,



CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science, hosted at the International Centre of Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 1-12 August 2016: http://indico.ictp.it/event/7658/ - FUNDING AVAILABLE - DEADLINE 18 April 2016.

CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, Beijing, 4-17 July http://www.codata.org/news/105/62/CODATA-International-Training-Workshop-in-Big-Data-for-Science-Beijing-4-17-July - FINDING AVAILABLE - DEADLINE 18 April 2016
Dr Simon Hodson | Executive Director CODATA | http://www.codata.org

E-Mail: simon at codata.org<mailto:simon at codata.org> | Twitter: @simonhodson99 | Skype: simonhodson99
Blog: http://www.codata.org/blog
Diary: http://bit.ly/simonhodson99-calendar
Tel (Office): +33 1 45 25 04 96<tel:%2B33%201%2045%2025%2004%2096> | Tel (Cell): +33 6 86 30 42 59<tel:%2B33%206%2086%2030%2042%2059>

CODATA (Committee on Data of the International Council for Science), 5 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75016 Paris, FRANCE

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