[IRTalk] Is your institutional repository trusted?

Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
Mon Apr 4 11:40:30 SAST 2016

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Dear Colleagues

The Wider Gauteng IR Forum presented a highly successful workshop last Thursday. Thank you to Leti and team for a great job done! This kind of intervention is crucial for taking the dialogue about IRs and OA forward in our country.

Something we all learned, was that every country - with time - should have an IR Auditing Body, aligned with the ISO 16919<http://www.iso16363.org/standards/iso-16919/> standard. This body will then conduct external audits of repositories in that country, evaluate and certify them. The following approach can be followed, if you are interested in confirming that your IR at your institution is trusted:

1.    Self-assessment using the Data Seal of Approval<http://www.datasealofapproval.org/en/assessment/>. Once you have conducted the self-assessment, the assessment can be submitted for review to the board of the Data Seal of Approval.

2.    Self-assessment using ISO 16363<http://www.iso16363.org/standards/iso-16363/>. Click here<http://wiki.lib.sun.ac.za/images/4/46/Self-assessment-template-iso16363.xls> to access the Excel-spread sheet.

3.    External assessment/audit by the SA IR Auditing Body.

It is highly recommended that you have a web page for your repository, where you explicitly indicate who fulfils certain roles, who are the members of the IR Advisory Board, what are the policies on various issues, statistics, budget, where is the IR indexed/harvested, where indexed/harvested, and more. This web page important to demonstrate that your IR can be fully trusted, and is properly managed. Therefore, follow a highly transparent process. The information collected for the ISO 16363 can be re-packaged for a web page.

There are also many tools available to test whether the metadata in your IR is OAI-PMH Compliant, eg OpenAIRE<https://www.openaire.eu/>.

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