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​Compliance rates, however, are typically only 5 to 30 per cent. A partly
filled repository is partly useless. They succeed only if they contain all
an institution’s outputs, with searchable full text. *ORBi now contains 90
per cent of the papers produced by Liège’s researchers.​*

Liège owes this exceptional level of compliance—far and away the highest of
any institutional repository—in large part to a policy of only allowing
publications from ORBi for consideration in internal assessment procedures,
such as promotions, grant proposals and applications for human resources.
As the Belgian university system is decentralised, with much of the power
residing in institutions, this is a significant incentive.

As well as the link to assessment procedures (the stick) ORBi’s success
stems from researchers’ increasing awareness of the advantages of green
open access (the carrots). The repository provides authors with
user-friendly tools showing many statistics and classical or alternative
metrics, including downloads and citations. It can supply a beautifully
typeset and ordered list of publications; and it provides a direct link to
the publications on the university directory.

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