[Irtalk] How to negotiate with publishers: an example of immediate self-archiving despite publisher’s embargo policy | Pandelis Perakakis, PhD

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Wed Sep 9 14:36:30 SAST 2015

The conclusion is inevitable. *To regain our lost enthusiasm and better
serve science and society we need to move from a system that rewards
competition to one that rewards collaboration. And we need to do this
gradually and fighting from within.* We cannot ask young researchers to
risk their careers by publishing in journals that are not highly regarded
by Universities and funding agencies. Instead, we can persuade them to
spend some additional time to post their best research to existing open
access repositories. We need to tweak these repositories to enable formal
evaluation and constructive feedback from the community, and to add
advanced search functions that will allow filtering by disciplines, number
of positive reviews, number of visits and downloads, etc. We need to
convince both researchers and funders that exposure to the open and
transparent feedback of the entire community adds a value to the research
product that the current journal-driven peer review, which is always
limited to few, and most commonly anonymous, reviewers, cannot possibly

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