[Irtalk] Practical Information for Research Performing Organisations on Policy Development, Implementation, Effectiveness and Alignment

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 16:35:32 SAST 2015

​The number of Open Access (OA) policies that have been adopted by
universities, research institutes and
research funders has been increasing at a fast pace. The Registry of Open
Access Repository Mandates
and Policies (ROARMAP) records the existence of 733 OA policies across the
world, of which 520 have
been adopted by universities and research institutions. *In order to
understand and contextualise how OA*
*policies are developed and how they can be effectively implemented and
aligned, this brief overviews the*
*processes evolving around policy making, policy effectiveness and policy
alignment.* In particular, it
summarises the criteria and elements generally specified in OA policies, it
points out some of the relevant
steps informing the development, monitoring and revision of OA policies, it
outlines what OA policy
elements contribute to policy effectiveness, and highlights the benefits in
aligning OA policies.

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