[Irtalk] Library Technology Reports - Open-Access Journals: Idealism and Opportunism, by Walt Crawford

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 14:00:11 SAST 2015

Open-access journals have become widespread in recent years, but so have
misunderstandings about such journals, fueled by a lack of actual data.
This issue of Library Technology Reports looks at the state of open-access
journals as of mid-2014 and how they got there, based on visits to the
website of every open-access journal accessible to a reader of English. The
report shows the state of gold open access (OA), including the percentage
of journals that require author-side fees (and the percentage of articles
published by those journals), the number of journals and articles overall
and by broad subject category, the apparent “gold rush” since 2006 within
certain subject categories, and more. *The report includes advice for
dealing with gold OA journals and recommending them to scholars and
suggestions for library actions to improve open access.*

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