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All -

I am the chair of the DSpace Steering Committee and one of our goals is to
engage the DSpace community outside of North America.

The DSpace community has an interesting split.  Much of the financial
support for DSpace, and thus most of the participation in the governance of
the project, comes from North America, while the majority of the users and
code contributors are from outside of North America.  In the long run this
split is not healthy for the project, which is why we are looking for more
engagement from outside North America.

As you may know DSpace has undergone a significant organizational
rejuvenation in the past year or so, and this is leading to important and
overdue enhancements in the code base.  In order to further these
developments, DSpace needs additional members and their financial support.
Membership, which begins at $2,500 (or £1,650), provides the resources
necessary to advance the project.  It also provides member institutions a
voice in the governance of the project.  Both are important.  This level of
contribution is trivial compared to the cost of commercial software and is
an investment in the future of this important open source software.

I would ask you to encourage your organization could become a member.
Information on membership is available at: http://duraspace.org/become_a_
member or you can contact Valorie Hollister at: vhollister at duraspace.org.

I would be happy to talk to senior people in your organization if that
might help make the case.  Stuart Lewis from the University of Edinburgh (
Stuart.Lewis at ed.ac.uk), a member of the Space Steering Group would also be
please to help support the case for membership if that would be useful.

If there are others who might be interested in DSpace membership we would
welcome hearing about them.

Thanks for your consideration.


David W. Lewis
Dean of the IUPUI University Library
IU Assistant Vice President for Digital Scholarly Communication
dlewis at iupui.edu

*"Information doesn't want to be free, people do." - Cory Doctorow*
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