[Irtalk] Enabling discoveries for health - let's harness the innovative power of open data

Ina Smith Ina at assaf.org.za
Tue Nov 3 07:40:24 SAST 2015

For sharing with researchers - Open Science more and more on the agenda: Open Science Competition

Sharing information about this new prize competition that seeks innovative ideas to advance open science.

There are six prizes of US$80,000 and one of US$230,000 in this competition organized by the National Institutes of Health in partnership with the Wellcome Trust, with additional support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The volume of digital information generated by biomedical research often called 'big data' is growing. Researchers' ability to derive knowledge from data is hindered by their ability to find, access and use it. The goal of the Open Science Prize is to support the development and prototyping of services, tools and platforms to overcome these hurdles to ensure data can be used to advance discovery and spur innovation.

Visit the Open Science Prize website to find out about application dates and procedures: http://openscienceprize.org<http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fopenscienceprize.org%2F&h=MAQE1RMBwAQHtfcfjEaqZBTfYhlk2Lvn8yfEzwKXnZi9eKA&enc=AZOaRwUff-NvBpjZpR64tZ_8vXdXh2hwkx1rz4_FtXtcMlnSwwFHDpqBk6YvQk_IxiLC14O2LV-mDu-Fa2-RYQpMNudImrti1o4BTVTztGq7FG5oTZMUaaU6_UxPd7cdA2Dcdrq3rtR4qi6MEIAQqcSi4X6-AagFhi5_Us--2FnVdC6AD2AL34dQcko7z-rFbUqRKfuIUk-DerX6sHdd_zBu&s=1>

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