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May 20, 2015

Read it online: http://bit.ly/1Ht3JeF
Contact: Valorie Hollister <vhollister at duraspace.org>

*You Are the Power Behind Community Source: Become a DuraSpace Member*

The annual DuraSpace Membership Campaign for 2015 officially kicks off
today. The campaign raises funds to support the continued advancement of
the DSpace <http://dspace.org/>, Fedora <http://fedorarepository.org/> and
VIVO <http://vivocollab.org/> open source software. While DuraSpace proudly
provides these applications for free for anyone to use, we rely on
membership fees to pay for staff who provide technical leadership to direct
strategic planning, organize community outreach, and coordinate timely
software releases for the open source projects. Member support also makes
it possible for DuraSpace to take part in strategic initiatives, such as
the SHared Access Research Ecosystem (SHARE) <http://share-research.org/> and
the Digital Preservation Network (DPN) <http://www.dpn.org/> projects. The
DuraSpace mission reflects our core commitment to being a key collaborator
with our community in building and sustaining the research and scholarship
ecosystem.  For a full report of all of DuraSpace’s activities for 2014
please see the annual report http://bit.ly/1kx22Qp.

*Support the projects of interest to you and have a voice *

As a DuraSpace member you have the option of directing your funds to
support one or more of our open source projects; Fedora, DSpace or VIVO, or
to a general DuraSpace fund to distribute based on where funding is needed
most. Membership at any level gives you access to key information on the
development of the project and an opportunity to participate in member
project meetings and training. Higher levels of membership give
institutions the opportunity to play a more active role in the direction
and development of the project software and in the project governance. To
learn more about DuraSpace Membership, including a list of benefits by
level visit http://www.duraspace.org/about_membership.

*Please join us in the critical mission to continue to meet the emerging
needs of the DSpace, Fedora and VIVO user communities. *To become a member
simply complete the on-line membership form:
http://duraspace.org/become_a_member. For any questions or more information
about membership, please contact Valorie Hollister <vhollister at duraspace.org

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