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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 13:11:22 SAST 2015

The Merensky library on the UP’s Hatfield campus has a new secret. It is a
curious and colourful room behind Xerox, poised to set new ideas and
creative individuals free into the world. This is the makerspace.
In recent years craft culture has had a profound introduction to society,
from growing your own bananas to making your own beer from the bananas that
you have grown. This trend has not failed to catch on in the science and
engineering sectors either, with small start-up companies making drones for
doing anything from surveys to surveillance.

*Anyone with an idea and some time seems to be employed in making
something. This is how the makerspace was born.* It is a space in which
people with ideas can get together with people that have the technical
ability to make these visions a reality. This means that any student,
regardless of their technical background, can go there with an idea and
attempt to realise it.

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