[Irtalk] Science 2.0 Repositories: Time for a Change in Scholarly Communication

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 13:26:11 SAST 2015

Information and communication technology (ICT) advances in research
infrastructures are continuously changing the way research and scientific
communication are performed. Scientists, funders, and organizations are
moving the paradigm of "research publishing" well beyond traditional
articles. *The aim is to pursue an holistic approach where publishing
includes any product (e.g. publications, datasets, experiments, software,
web sites, blogs) resulting from a research activity and relevant to the
interpretation, evaluation, and reuse of the activity or part of it. *The
implementation of this vision is today mainly inspired by literature
scientific communication workflows, which separate the "where" research is
conducted from the "where" research is published and shared. In this paper
we claim that this model cannot fit well with scientific communication
practice envisaged in Science 2.0 settings. *We present the idea of Science
2.0 Repositories (SciRepos), which meet publishing requirements arising in
Science 2.0 by blurring the distinction between research life-cycle and
research publishing.* SciRepos interface with the ICT services of research
infrastructures to intercept and publish research products while providing
researchers with social networking tools for discovery, notification,
sharing, discussion, and assessment of research products.

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