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Subject: [IFLA-L] IFLA International Advocacy Programme
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 IFLA is introducing a significant new programme on international advocacy.
The programme was announced at the IFLA Congress in Lyon in August 2014 and
will run until August 2018. The International Advocacy Programme (IAP) aims
to achieve policy change at national, regional and international levels by
building capacity across IFLA and library communities to assess policy
needs, create policy recommendations, and advocate for policy frameworks
that support public access to digital information through public libraries.

 What are the expected outcomes?

 We expect that:

   - Policy change will happen at national and regional levels to increase
   public access to digital information – this will result in an improved
   digital policy environment for libraries, and better services to users;
   - Libraries will understand the need to advocate for better digital
   policies at the national level;
   - Partnerships between public libraries and external partners are
   created to help implement advocacy activities;
   - Capacity is built within national and regional library communities to
   help undertake advocacy – this will also feed into IFLA's advocacy work at
   the international level

What is included in the programme?

 The programme includes an international scoping study and implementation
activities (convenings, projects, evaluation). We will develop and
implement a series of activities including:

   - Convenings and workshops to raise awareness, build partnerships and
   develop campaigns in support of community, national and international
   advocacy goals;
   - Sustained support for advocacy engagement through Country Projects and
   Regional Projects: providing technical assistance, financial resources and
   capacity building to undertake advocacy campaigns at national and regional
   - Direct engagement on the international level: issue and forum-based
   advocacy undertaken by IFLA, in consultation with partner organisations, to
   achieve International Advocacy goals.

What are some of the issues the programme aims to address?

 Issues could include, but are not limited to:

   - public access to ICTs and digital inclusion;
   - Access to digital government services and citizen engagement;
   - citizen science, access to research and scientific data and
   information, Open Access, eBooks and eLending, online privacy and freedom.
   - the licensing of digital information resources;
   - copyright, including trade and cross-border issues.

How can my country participate? How will participants be invited?

 The scoping study will identify countries where library advocacy
activities could be most effective. We expect that approximately 10
countries will be chosen in each of the four regions (including Europe) to
take part in convenings. After the convenings, three countries each in
Africa, Asia and Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean will be chosen
for country projects. In these projects, IFLA will work with the most
appropriate members of the library community at national and regional
levels. This could mean developing projects with national library
associations, national libraries or others. Projects would be expected to
have a range of objectives: this could range from working on policy change
around one or more digital access to information issue, or developing a

 Countries will be selected through a combination of invitations and
recommendations from the region, experts, and a steering committee that
will oversee the programme. Every country that wants to participate will
need to complete an application form and demonstrate that they have the
capacity to participate and to take action following the convening.

 Information about the invitation process will be made available on the
IFLA website later in 2015. Contact IFLA's Manager, Development Programmes
by emailing Fiona.bradley at ifla.org for further information.

 Where can I get updates on the programme?

 IFLA has set up a dedicated webpage for the project at: www.ifla.org/iap
You can also stay up to date with updates through the @IFLA_ALP
<http://www.twitter.com/ifla_alp> and @IFLA <http://www.twitter.com/ifla>
twitter accounts, IFLA on Facebook and by emailing Fiona.bradley at ifla.org.

 Fiona Bradley
Manager, Development Programmes
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

 P.O. Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague
Email: fiona.bradley at ifla.org
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