[Irtalk] RECODE - 10 policy recommendations for Open Access data

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 12:28:59 SAST 2015

The RECODE overarching recommendations are intended to direct
consensus-building and action towards ten broad areas that were identified
by project research as significant in view of enabling open access to
research data. The broad nature of these recommendations is also intended
to be useful and accessible to both stakeholders with very developed open
access policies that could be improved and stakeholders with less developed
policies. As such, they are supplemented by more specific recommendations
for each category of stakeholder below. *Finally, these overarching policy
recommendations are necessarily geared towards decision-making
stakeholders, but in all cases, we encourage these decision-makers to
consult, involve and take seriously the perspectives and needs of the
research community before developing policies or programmes.*

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