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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 10:58:36 SAST 2015

*We have made ourselves hostages to this system and, as with the
increasingly challenging peer-review grant system, the people who need to
decide that this must end are the scientists themselves.* Unless
influential scientists, including neuroscientists, stand up and organize an
orchestrated rejection of the status quo, the current situation will endure
or worsen. *The point we wish to make here is that precisely the situation
we now find ourselves in is counter-productive to scientific careers and
more importantly to scientific progress.* It wastes much precious time and
puts everyone under unnecessary pressure, even to the point where
occasionally some are lured into the dark world of scientific fraud, while
others become so discouraged that they reject a research career, even
though it is something they intrinsically love doing and at which they are
likely to excel. This is the crux of the matter

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