[Irtalk] CSV on the Web: Use Cases and Requirements

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 09:54:51 SAST 2015

*A large percentage of the data published on the Web is tabular data,
commonly published as comma separated values (CSV) files.* The CSV on the
Web Working Group aim to specify technologies that provide greater
interoperability for data dependent applications on the Web when working
with tabular datasets comprising single or multiple files using CSV, or
similar, format.

*This document lists the use cases compiled by the Working Group that are
considered representative of how tabular data is commonly used within data
dependent applications.* The use cases observe existing common practice
undertaken when working with tabular data, often illustrating shortcomings
or limitations of existing formats or technologies. This document also
provides a set of requirements derived from these use cases that have been
used to guide the specification design.

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