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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 16:29:56 SAST 2015

This is a common pattern, and not restricted to scholarly communications.
Collective Action Problems are hard to solve, particularly when communities
are diverse and have interests that are not entirely aligned. *Core to
solving collective action problems is creating trust.* Our aim with the
infrastructure principles was very much to raise the issue of trust and
what makes a trustworthy organization to a greater prominence.

*Developing trust amongst our diverse communities requires that we create
trustworthy institutions*. We have a choice. We can create those
institutions in a way that embodies our values, the values that we
attempted to articulate, or we can leave it to others. Those others will
have other values, and other motives, and cannot be relied upon to align
with our communities’ interests.

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