[Irtalk] The Five Organizational Stages of Digital Preservation

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 22:04:47 SAST 2015

The goal of digital preservation is to maintain the ability to display,
retrieve, and use digital material in the face of rapidly changing
technological and organizational infrastructures. Unfortunately, there is
no single best way to do just that, nor is there agreement on long-term
solutions. Even in the short-term, there are very few institutional
programs that can serve as models to others, providing practical advice to
move forward. Moreover, what programs do exist are not likely to be
transferable to a new context.

Organizations cannot acquire an out-of-the-box comprehensive digital
preservation program— one that is suited to the organizational context in
which the program is located, to the materials that are to be preserved,
and to the existing technological infrastructure.

*Librarians and archivists must understand their own institutional
requirements and capabilities before they can begin to identify which
combination of policies, strategies, and tactics are likely to be most
effective in meeting their needs.*

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