[Irtalk] FW: PEI UnConference - Big Data in Africa

Joy Davidson Joy.Davidson at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Sep 26 14:36:10 SAST 2014

Hi everyone,

I just received details of a conference in the UK that may be of interest to list members.

All the best,

Joy Davidson
Associate Director
Digital Curation Centre (DCC)
HATII, University of Glasgow
11 University Gardens
G12 8QJ
Tel: 0141 330 8592
Email: joy.davidson at glasgow.ac.uk


Please see attached details of a major UnConference that the PEI will be coordinating in London in November, hosted by our trustee, Lord Paul Boateng.

Over 100 delegates, including Ministers from Africa and representatives from the World Bank, UNECA, AfDB, civil society, academia and business will come together to discuss a number of challenges and opportunities related to education, science, tech. and innovation in Africa, with a special focus on big data.

It would be great to have you involved.

As well as interactive workshops and panel debates, during the UnConference we'll also be launching our Africa Data Challenge, a competition that will award seed funding (recently increased to £7,000) to innovative projects designed to transmit, translate and harness big data to the benefit of the scientific and educational development agenda in Africa.

We are particularly keen to open up this competition to as many people as possible so if you know any groups who might be interested in submitting a proposal then please do forward this mail on.

Kind regards,

Nick Staite
Operations Director
[cid:part1.03000402.05010602 at ed.ac.uk]
Planet Earth Institute
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