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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 16:11:28 SAST 2014

Iryna Kuchma will attend the Bibliotheca academica 2014 conference:
Společně – otevřeně – efektivně / Together – Open – Effective, and
*will give a presentation highlighting the results of the
ARL/CARL/COAR/LIBER Joint Task Force on ​​Librarians’ Competencies in
Support of E-Research and Scholarly Communication.*

Rapid changes in technology and associated shifts in research and scholarly
communications are profoundly changing the role of libraries in the 21st
century. The emergence of e-research, for example, is bringing about new
ways of doing science across the globe, compelling libraries to adopt new
services, such as assisting with the development of research data
management plans, hosting collaborative virtual research environments, in
addition to managing institutional repositories, and providing support in
open access publishing and digital humanities. These novel services require
a range of new skills and expertise within the library community as well as
a shift in organizational models for libraries.

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