[Irtalk] Beyond Copyright and Technology: What Open Access Can Tell Us about Precarity, Authority, Innovation, and Automation in the University Today — Cultural Anthropology

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sat May 24 12:22:45 SAST 2014

*There is a tendency in anthropology—and in the humanities generally—to
suggest that open access is a problem of the sciences and engineering*, and
that we are somehow victims of this juggernaut on the other side of our
campuses. Aside from being a form of ressentiment, this claim fails to
recognize that the financial problem is the same across the disciplines—the
larger humanities disciplines (history, literature) are going to have more
power than the smaller ones (classics, women’s studies)—and the same is
true in the sciences. *Making common cause with folks in the sciences and
engineering is far more effective for everyone than manning some
culture-war barricade that is irrelevant to the larger dynamics of the
economy of publishing, research funding, and university revenues generally*.

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