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​The University of Cape Town Research Committee (URC) initiated the process
of institution-wide data curation planning at the University of Cape Town
(UCT). This arose from URC meeting discussions concerning research support
at UCT.

The URC wanted to follow international best practice and develop policy to
archive and ​manage the data collected by UCT researchers in the process of
their research.

Creation and implementation of Research Data Management (RDM) policies at
universities has become a prerequisite for research integrity and research
efficiency at these institutions.

URC members undertook research in this area to inform policymaking. Sakkie
Janse van Rensburg, ICTS Director, and Prof Ed Rybicki of the URC visited
Australia to investigate research data storage at Australian universities
and brought back information on best practice at these institutions.

The UCT Director of Libraries, Gwenda Thomas, scoped data management
policies at South African universities (University Research Committee,

*This revealed that only UP had an official Research Data Management
policy, which was sparse on detail.*

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