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Mon May 19 14:50:49 SAST 2014

The management of digital objects (e.g. articles, datasets, images, streams
of data, multimedia objects) and non-digital objects (namely real-world
entities, like authors, institutions, teams, geographic locations, etc.) is
a crucial issue for the whole scientific and administrative process within
an academic institution.

*The need to unambiguously locate and access the digital resources, as well
as associate them with the related metadata (e.g. authors, relevant
entities, institutions, research groups, projects, administrative
organisational units) is an essential requirement for managing, accessing,
reusing, retrieving and preserving huge amounts of cultural and
intellectual resources.*

Along with the tide of Big Data, the relevance of this issue has been
dramatically increased, making it clear that academic institutions have to
take actions and develop plans that foster achievement of these goals. In
this Conference, we argue that the introduction of comprehensive Data
Management Plans is the imminent step for the Instiutions and their
repositories which seek to fulfil requirements set to them.

*Data Management Plans facilitate the curation process of digital objects.
Thus, the time and effort spent by the curators is minimized. *

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