[Irtalk] The cost of scientific publishing: update and call for action | Open Access Working Group

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Fri May 16 20:15:00 SAST 2014

Opening knowledge is great. Sharing knowledge is vital. In the past,
publishers were the sole mediators for the dissemination of knowledge in
printed form. In our, digital age, sharing has become easier thanks to the
internet. Yet, although all areas of society have embraced the internet as
THE sharing medium, scientific publishing has lagged far behind. Nowhere
else are the advantages of sharing knowledge so obvious as in science: but*
instead of facilitating sharing, scientific publishers desperately try to
protect their grip on the access to knowledge. Open access publication
systems are a real threat to their lucrative business*. That is why finding
arguments against open access have become of vital importance. Similarly,
countering these arguments is of vital importance for all of us who need
[open] access.

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