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Subject: The solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that
nobody reads

 Hi all,

I thought the IKMediaries group might be interested in this recent study by
the World Bank. Lots of interesting stuff that I’m sure many in the group
could contribute to thinking about why so many reports remain unread.

*“**The World Bank recently decided to ask an important question: **Is
anyone actually reading these things?* *They dug into their Web site
traffic data and came to the following conclusions: Nearly one-third of
their PDF reports had never been downloaded, not even once. Another 40
percent of their reports had been downloaded fewer than 100 times. Only 13
percent had seen more than 250 downloads in their lifetimes. Since most
World Bank reports have a stated objective of informing public debate or
government policy, this seems like a pretty lousy track record.**”*


If you read the full report there’s some interesting and potentially
contentious statements “*The production of knowledge goods is often not
cost-efficient at the country level and many developing countries do not
have the capacity to develop these types of goods*”



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