[Irtalk] Is There a Serials Crisis Yet? Between Chicken Little and the Grasshopper | Peer to Peer Review

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 14:01:09 SAST 2014

*My sense is that papering over the cracks will stop working very soon for
many libraries, if it hasn’t already.* Most recently, the University of
Konstanz and the Université de Montréal have terminated bundled serials
contracts. Rather than doing so silently and shamefacedly, little more than
a cancellation list buried deep in the library website to mark the event,
they explained their action with press releases and showed their work. A
few libraries of every size whose budgets haven’t yet hit the wall have
likewise chosen to signal publicly in the last couple of years that trouble
is near or already here: Harvard has, Cornell has, SUNY-Potsdam of course
has, and there are doubtless more I don’t recall offhand.

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