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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 13:57:26 SAST 2014

*Open access (OA) in the Australian tertiary education sector is evolving
rapidly* and, in this article, we review developments in two related areas:
OA to scholarly research publications and open data. OA can support open
educational resource (OER) efforts by providing access to research for
learning and teaching, and a range of actors including universities, their
peak bodies, public research funding agencies and other organisations and
networks that focus explicitly on OA are increasingly active in these areas
in diverse ways. OA invites change to the status quo across the higher
education sector and current momentum and vibrancy in this area suggests
that rapid and significant changes in the OA landscape will continue into
the foreseeable future. General practices, policies, infrastructure and
cultural changes driven by the evolution of OA in Australian higher
education are identified and discussed. *The article concludes by raising
several key questions for the future of OA research and open data policies
and practices in Australia in the context of growing interest in OA

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