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Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 10:54:43 SAST 2014

When it comes to author-pays and the problems of funding the forever
business, I think a lot of people have noticed the issue, but are not
making a lot of noise about it because there seems no obvious solution.
After all, the terrible thing that might happen hasn’t happened yet, might
not happen at all (if we’re lucky) and, anyway, is off there in the future,
with all the other digital and geopolitical imponderables.

However, I think the problem is worth looking at now. Firstly because the
scholarly record is kind of important, and secondly because there might
just be a solution offered by freemium.


*I propose a "zero-way" of keeping the scholarly record forever, and that
is to make academic libraries the responsible custodian of all the
digital scholarly output.*

*How much will it cost? See:
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