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Dr. John Willinsky is a prominent figure in scholarly communications and
known for both practical and theoretical contributions to the open access
movement. He is the author of the award-winning books The Access Principle:
The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship (MIT Press, 2006)
and Learning to Divide the World: Education at Empire's End (University of
Minnesota Press, 1998). Most of his recent research and published works
discuss the topic of digital scholarship and open access.

Currently, Dr. Willinsky is Khosla Family Professor of Education at
Stanford University and Professor of Publishing Studies (Part-time) at
Simon Fraser University. He is also Founder and Director of the Public
Knowledge Project (PKP) in partnership with Simon Fraser University
Library. (For extended biographical information, please see the first part
of this two-part interview.)

*PKP has developed open source software for the online management and
publishing of (primarily) open access journals and books. PKP is also
collaborating with other global associations on journal-development
initiatives in Africa.*

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