[Irtalk] A day in the life of a Co-ordinator, Scholarly Communications - Insights: Vol. 27 Issue 2: p. 210

Hilton Gibson hilton.gibson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 13:18:22 SAST 2014

On a typical day I wake up. Sometimes it's after nightmares of monsters,
sometimes it's wondering what the post of the day will be on a certain
blog. *Often it's after dreaming about a world where taxpayer-funded
research is accessible and easily found by said taxpayers.* More often than
not, I wake up after having been up very late reading a report on the
future of scholarship in the academy (sometimes written by ‘futurists’ as
opposed to folks who actually, ummm, will be working in the future) so I
need coffee. All of it. [Note to self: buy more coffee.] I spend some time
triaging e-mail for the day, and mentally preparing a ‘must do’ list.

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